We act as strategic partners
to remove the barriers to
effective outsourcing

Effective integration

Successful business relies on a constant flow of information, both to and from customers. A key requirement when outsourcing your contact centre, will be that information continues to flow. At Telnet we understand this implicitly. Not only will we keep information flows working – 24 hours a day, 7 days per week – we’ll make them better.

Using our ContactSuite CRM application, we ensure up to date and accurate information is gathered during our interactions with your customers. We overcome the challenge of getting this information into your own system using ContactSuite CRM’s integration capabilities.

This takes the pain out of exchanging data with other systems, like your CRM. We can integrate using web services, data file exchange or even Robotic Process Automation, which can replicate keystrokes and mouse movements to copy data from one system to another.

If you feel that system integration is a barrier to outsourcing your contact centre, get in touch and we’ll show you how it can be done!

Successful migration

Over Telnet’s 25 year history, some of New Zealand and Australia’s largest businesses have trusted our expertise to move their contact centres to us, sometimes from offshore locations. Each year, we successfully migrate many in-house and outsourced contact centre operations into our care.

We understand that utmost care must be taken to make sure everything goes well during the move so that normal business operations continue, revenue streams are protected and most importantly, customers are not negatively impacted.  Therefore, we focus first on gathering the data and knowledge we need to provide the services. We then re-engineer new, commonsense processes to deliver them.

“Bringing our call centre back to New Zealand and contracting Telnet to run it for us has saved us time, a lot of money, and most importantly, has significantly improved the experience for our customers; which is really what it is all about.”

Z Energy

Our project managers and subject matter experts work closely with clients to make sure that on go-live day their business continues operating smoothly. That’s our trigger to start our continuous improvement process, to deliver ongoing service enhancements to our clients over the years to come.

Contact us to seamlessly shift your contact centre from a cost centre to an opportunity centre.