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Inbound: Understand your customer

Providing good customer service isn’t just about answering the phone within 20 seconds or reacting to your customer’s needs quickly and cost effectively. Today’s customers expect instant gratification, whether that be via telephone, email, SMS, webchat, social media, self-service or a combination of each. In many cases, customers don’t even want to have to contact your business. They’d prefer that their needs are anticipated and met proactively to surprise and delight them.

At Telnet, we’re meeting these challenges. Our Customer Engagement Hubs offer unique, personalised customer experiences that help to strengthen our clients’ brands. It’s a seamless process that provides a connective tissue between our clients’ business departments, processes and communication channels.

“Bringing our call centre back to New Zealand and contracting Telnet to run it for us has saved us time, a lot of money, and most importantly, has significantly improved the experience for our customers; which is really what it is all about.”

Z Energy

The vast amounts of data we collect from customer interactions is analysed and turned into information that we and our clients can put to productive use to help find ways to improve the customer experience or to identify opportunities to cross-sell and upsell to customers more effectively. We’ll still answer the phone quickly and cost effectively, but we can offer your business so much more.

Contact us today to find out how our Customer Engagement Hubs can shift your contact centre from a cost centre to an opportunity centre.

Outbound: Win more customers

Selling is changing. It is no longer simply about convincing customers your product is right for them and persuading them to buy. Today, selling is just the beginning. It should be the start of a long-term relationship, one where you build trust and loyalty by understanding and anticipating your customers’ changing needs.

At Telnet we understand this and have developed an approach to make outbound customer communication easy and cost effective. One that blends human and non-human outbound interactions with customers to reduce the annoyance factor and deliver real benefits to them.

Telnet is the largest provider of outbound services in New Zealand. Over the last 23 years we’ve developed proven techniques and custom-built technology to make outbound telemarketing a cost-effective addition to your marketing strategies.

“In NZ’s highly competitive Utilities industry, it’s important that we continue to grow our customer base to remain NZ’s largest energy retailer. This takes constant focus, innovation and effort, and through demonstrating these attributes and working closely with us over the years, Telnet has become one of our most valuable outbound sales partners. Their approach to ensuring that their sales processes help to protect and enhance our brand is also very important to us.”

Simon Forgie, Genesis Energy Channel Manager Residential

By analysing the data we capture during calling, we can generate valuable insights that help us to optimise our performance. This can include identifying the best time of day to call, or whether a Direct Mail or Electronic Direct Mail campaign is working cost effectively. We can even determine the best approach to generate positive up-sell or cross-sell outcomes targeted to a customer’s individual profile.

Whether you’re looking to sell your products, generate leads or communicate with your customers and prospects, contact us today to learn more about how Telnet can help to increase the success of your outbound campaigns.