At Telnet we offer
a unique and efficient
blended resourcing model

A model of efficiency

At Telnet we offer a unique and efficient blended resourcing model that enables you to pay only for each customer interaction. This way, your contact centre costs become directly related to the level of demand your customers generate.  As a result, there’s none of the expensive idle time to worry about that can plague in-house call centres.

Using advanced training techniques and our customised systems and technology, we blend our teams to efficiently allocate resources to each of our clients’ operations. This means our large pool of highly trained agents can service contacts for multiple clients and enables us to charge on a cost efficient per-transaction basis. More importantly, it allows us to seamlessly scale operations to meet fluctuating levels of demand.

“Since we brought Telnet on board they have gone from strength to strength, over performing KPIs and becoming an invaluable and completely integrated part of our team.”

Sony Mobile

Under our blended resourcing model, we, not you, carry the cost and risk of agent idle time. The result is that our clients can be confident their customers are being cared for with great service at the lowest possible cost.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your contact centre operations more flexible and cost effective while providing a great experience for your customers.

Streamline your Frontline with ContactSuite CRM

The power of ContactSuite™ CRM

At Telnet, our agents use ContactSuite CRM for servicing all inbound and outbound contacts. Developed and owned by Telnet’s sister company ContactSuite, ContactSuite CRM is our core application used for managing all aspects of our business, powering our agents and our customer self-service facilities.  Its built-in scripting engine and knowledge base (SenseIQ) efficiently guides agents through complex calls, providing context-sensitive, instant access to information they might need on the spot.

Taking advantage of our ContactSuite’s SenseIQ technology, our agents can use natural language to search for information and obtain immediate and effective responses, no matter how the search was phrased.  We configure ContactSuite CRM to suit the needs of each client using screenpops and custom knowledge base content to make it easy for agents to provide customers with a great service experience.

This approach allows our agents to be trained in hours rather than weeks and allows a large pool to be readily available to handle customer interactions.

“Telnet helped us bring our Call Centre into the new millennium by providing a cost-effective solution at a fraction of the price that it would have cost our company. We now have all the benefits of a modern contact centre without the capital outlay. Telnet has also delivered first class customer service with regards to every aspect of our solution. We are more than happy with the solution and have no qualms in recommending Telnet to other small companies like ourselves looking for a technically excellent solution at a reasonable price.”

Michelle Teiniker, Manager, NZINVEST

ContactSuite CRM has evolved through constant iteration. In the early days, we quickly understood that the best way to fully support our clients was to develop our own core system. For the past 25+ years, ContactSuite’s software applications have been continuously developed according to clients and their customers’ needs. Now, ContactSuite CRM not only powers Telnet’s business in ways we could never have conceived, it is so powerful and flexible that it’s used in many other companies use it for their own contact centre operations.

ContactSuite CRM integrates with our telephony platform as well as others (including Amazon Connect) to provide an integrated, skills-based contact centre management system. Offering scripting, IVR, e-mail, knowledge base, call recording, quality assurance, payroll timesheet capture, reporting and other functions it enables us to provide high quality and cost-effective services.

If you’d like to learn more about how we use ContactSuite CRM and SenseIQ to deliver quality outcomes for our clients, or if you’d like to consider using it in your own contact centre, please contact us today or visit the ContactSuite website for more details.

Insightful reporting

At Telnet we capture vast amounts of valuable customer experience data from the thousands of customer interactions we handle each day. To leverage the power of this data, we use Business Intelligence tools to generate valuable insights about the customer experience. Understanding how customers feel and anticipating what motivates them when considering using or buying products or services can translate into game-changing opportunities for any business.

What’s driving customers to make contact? Are they happy or frustrated? Are there any trends that indicate something is or isn’t working well? What’s the best time of day to reach them?  Why aren’t prospective customers interested in buying a product or service?

Within the answers to these types of questions, our clients can find valuable opportunities to improve and transform their service or to grow their business.

"The Telnet team is always looking for ways to continually improve on their results. What makes them stand out is their reporting capability and understanding of large volumes of data and the best use of this information. Their very strong focus on quality and compliance is also reflected in their customer service and retention."

Simon Forgie, Channel Manager Residential, Genesis Energy

Our clients trust us to deliver the best outcomes for their business and their customers. Therefore, it’s important when we bring onboard a new client that we work collaboratively to understand and define their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This enables them to easily monitor how we’re performing. Our online KPI reporting capabilities then give our clients a real-time view of the way things are operating within their contact centre.

Contact us today to learn more about our KPI reporting and business intelligence capabilities.  You never know what insights we might unearth for your business.

Seamless continuity

Telnet takes business continuity seriously and providing seamless service experiences for our clients’ customers is in our DNA. We understand what it means to always be available when we’re needed – and without interruption.

At Telnet, we build and manage all our services, systems and suppliers with continuity and reliability front of mind. We can provide multiple sites, including options for remote or at-home workers, and layers of redundancy and backup/recovery using diverse locations and connectivity solutions.

“Telnet is an extremely well-managed company and they are extraordinarily good at what they do. We exploit this capability and see them as an integral part of our business.”

Toby Warren, Bosco Connect

So seriously do we take our performance, that we regularly stage realistic disaster recovery exercises. In these, we take all primary systems fully offline as would happen in a major outage or facility loss and move staff as necessary to alternate or recovery locations. By testing realistically under strictly controlled conditions and timelines, we can accurately measure how we will perform should a major situation occur.

If you’d like to know more about how we ensure business continuity, or if you’d like to find out about our most recent disaster recovery testing, please get in touch today.