Contact Centre Tech Spotlight: Amazon Connect-Contact Lens

As we enter a new era of AI and are starting to see more and more uses of this technology across more industries than ever before it becomes more crucial than ever for Contact Centres to be aware of and utilising tools that make use of this emerging technology. With this in mind, today we are taking a look at Contact lens, a feature of Amazon Connect, what it does and how it can improve agent performance and assist in identifying crucial company and product feedback.

In Amazons own words “Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, a feature of Amazon Connect, provides a set of conversational analytics and quality management capabilities, powered by machine learning, that helps understand and classify the sentiment, trends, and compliance of your conversations.” What this means for the Contact Centre using this tool is that you now have a vastly more efficient way of monitoring the performance and compliance of your teams and have access to metrics you never had before beyond anecdotal comments.

As someone who relies heavily on data in their day to day job, having access to this level of data has been invaluable. The uses of Contact Lens go beyond customer service as I have also used the tool successfully in a cold calling sales environment whereby, we could tweak a script based on sentiment trends captured in Contact Lens and ensure agents are putting across complaint sales all with minimum effort thanks to the automation of Contact Lens. The time saving can go beyond this when trying to find a particular section of a call as Contact Lens has completely transcribed the call, so you don’t have to listen to a whole call recording to find the one sentence you were looking for.

I’m sure anyone with contact centre experience will be familiar with the old way of completing quality assurance checks, pulling a percentage of calls randomly across the pool of agents and listening/scoring them all. Whilst this has been sufficient for many years and is the standard way most contact centres complete QA, it has some potential flaws. A good example would be let’s say you have one agent who does great on the majority of their calls but one topic that they get contacted about they really struggle with and are not following the correct process for. In this scenario a small percentage of random calls being pulled has a high probability of missing the scenarios where that agent needs training or assistance. With Contact Lens we can greatly increase the efficiency of this task and prevent issues like this by making use of the notification functions.

The real time notifications can be a game changer for a frontline manager. Being able to get a real time notification when there is a sentiment drop across calls or a breach in compliance so you can resolve these issues immediately instead of some time after when the QA team has potentially picked up on these issues. All of these notifications and other data above can be compiled to provide you access to a whole new world of speech and chat analytics which will increase efficiencies, improve compliance and call quality amongst a multitude of other benefits that will vary depending on how you configure Contact Lens.

In summary, Amazon Connects Contact Lens is a game changer for Contact Centres proving teams with levels of data light years beyond what was available only a few years ago. It’s up to you how you use this data and what you gain from it but with the right model the gains to be had from utilising Contact Lens are immeasurable. If you would like to know more about Contact Lens or how we use it, we are always open to contact and will welcome any discussions on this topic.

Written by Sam Rae