Is the traditional “Dealer Rep” an outdated model?

The term and concept of the “Dealer Representative” or “Sales Rep” has existed since the 1940’s and whilst the world of business has evolved rapidly since that time, this role has remained largely unchanged; a person who promotes your brand or product supporting clients and customers with service whilst seeking potential new clients. Whilst the individual tasks that make up this role vary, in most cases this will at some point involve someone physically travelling to your clients to promote your product or brand.
Whilst the traditional model certainly has its benefits such as providing that in person interaction with your clients, it is wholly inefficient and costly. When you take into consideration the cost of the vehicle and gas in addition to the limited number of locations a representative can physically attend to in the course of a work day you are often left with many unproductive work hours and a high cost to return ratio. To make matters worse, working within these constraints often means foregoing using these representatives to build relationships with your more rural customers as the cost of doing so often far outweighs any benefits purely because of the travel time and limited number of existing and potential customers/clients they could interact with in such locations.

Telnet has taken all of these challenges and pushed the dealer rep model into the modern era with a purely digital and phone based model. Doing so helped reduce the total number of staff needed to cover a region, increased reach by removing the physical limitations of travel, improved available data on the effectiveness of any campaigns by having more trackable data on engagement due to every verbal and written engagement being recorded and overall made the process much more efficient with substantially reduced costs.

This model was so effective in one case it allowed a major electronics brand to move entirely away from traditional dealer reps and allowed us to manage their business for the whole of Australia with just four staff! Given the success Telnet has seen here we propose that the old model has very little use in a modern business and is committed to helping many other brands see the same success in this area by moving their brand engagement into the new era.