Telnet completes migration to Amazon Connect.

I am very happy to announce that Telnet have now completed the migration of its all its voice queues to the market-leading Amazon Connect cloud contact centre platform. The existing integration with ContactSuite, Telnet’s own cloud based CRM and call management system, allowed the migration process to be quick and efficient, with all phone queues migrated to the Connect platform over a two month period to the end of August.

Telnet have been using cloud services provided by industry leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) since 2014 to provide flexible and scalable infrastructure, so when our existing telephony system approached its end of life, Amazon Connect by AWS was a leading option to move our contact centre to a modern solution that supports the unique innovation and rapid scalability that Telnet is known for, in addition to the security and reliability that our customers expect.

There are two aspects to this upgrade which have made this a special and unique exercise:

  • The integration between Amazon Connect and ContactSuite, has been remarkably straightforward. They go together so well that one could be excused for thinking they were designed to be together.
  • The upgrade has been remarkably smooth and almost completely transparent for our customers, thanks to great support from the team at AWS through all stages of the migration.

The Amazon Connect platform provides all the capability of our previous system, as well as providing significant improvement in areas like; better support for our home-based workforce, increased customisation of call flows and better management of voice recordings from surveys and calls. The platform also allows Telnet to add exciting new features that our customers have been asking for including:

  • automated call transcriptions with sentiment and keyword analysis
  • real time transcription of voice based customer survey responses  
  • new capabilities for self-service and automation.

Thank you to Amazon Connect for their great product

John Chetwynd.

CEO Founder of Telnet