While some of the largest US companies have made moves to ban remote work, Telnet’s legion of homeworkers is getting stronger and stronger.

How well can a team really work together if they aren’t actually together? Was the main concern for these companies and ultimately it lead them to favour a more traditional working style.

They felt that having their team members scattered across the country caused staff disconnection and impacted collaboration. It’s true that bringing people together builds relationships faster and more deeply, but in today’s age no one is ever truly disconnected.

At Telnet our whole business is communication, so disconnection was not something we had cause to fear. Our thriving online community keeps our agents connected at all times. Live chat, silly videos and constant updates keep all of our workers interested and invested. It gives them the office experience without even having to leave their homes.

If remote working really didn’t work then companies would never expand, they would have one giant premises where every single member of staff was required to attend all day every day. People work better when they are comfortable and trusted. Being out in the world and being flexible is the way of innovation and the way of Telnet’s future.