Attitudes are contagious, so what are you spreading?

We might be leaving the flu season behind but there is something that can be even more contagious and destructive that can’t be prevented by a shot in the arm – a bad mood.

We’ve all had those days, the traffic is heavy, you’re super late and you’ve missed your morning coffee. You’re grumpy and over it by the time you even get to the office so when the phone rings you can’t quite muster the “smile while you dial” attitude. You might brush it off thinking it’s just one day out of many so what does it matter. But think about this: how many times has your day been ruined by someone else’s bad mood? It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch and we speak to dozens of people a day. That’s dozens of people we could be infecting with our bad mood and what if they go on to infect their own household? We have the potential to create an epidemic of negativity.

But we also have the potential to destroy negativity. Many of our consumers are calling because they have a problem, they are prone to being angry and grumpy. But just as a bad mood is catching, so is a good one. It’s not about forcing your good mood on them, because let’s face it, in a job like this our good moods are sometimes fake. It’s about stopping the spread, culling the contamination. A happy call is an easier call so If we can smile through the yelling and the anger we can retain our power and maybe even get them smiling by the end of it.