How ContactSuite CRM can help you build sales conversion rates

During the 23 years since Telnet began outbound sales calling, if there’s one thing we’ve realised, it’s that for sales teams to be able to perform to their utmost, they must be able to use tools that make their difficult jobs as easy as possible.

Even if your sales people are the best sellers around, if they aren’t well supported with technology, can you be sure that you’re getting the most you can out of them? That’s why we’ve developed our cloud-based sales management solution we call ContactSuite.

Using fiddly and time-consuming spreadsheets as contact lists is a thing of the past. Sales people need the maximum amount of time to do what they do best – sell. Auto diallers can increase productivity for sure, but they can’t offer the support that ContactSuite does nor do they result in significant improvements to sales performance.

If your own sales conversion rates aren’t where you’d like them to be, then you need to ask yourself:

  • Are you selling a product that generally requires more than one call to close the deal?
  • Are there times of the day when your team is more successful than at other times?
  • Do you find your sales agents have trouble answering questions and delivering the correct rebuttals due to a lack of easy access to the information they need?
  • When a prospect accepts the sale do your people then have to transfer the call to someone else to process the sale?
  • Can you easily measure the performance of your sales agents and make critical decisions to improve their success rates?
  • Does it take too long for your new sales agents to get up to speed?

Whether you answered yes to all or only one of these questions, ContactSuite could very well be the tool your sales function needs.

ContactSuite is easily adaptable to meet your needs without requiring expensive or time-consuming development. We’ve built ContactSuite so that setting up a new sales campaign takes just an hour or two. Its intuitive screenpops and knowledgebase let you train your agents on new campaigns in a few hours because ContactSuite gives them easy access to product information, scripts and rebuttals they need during calling.

ContactSuite comes with its own, advanced outbound telephone capability, or it can integrate with your own telephone system. It offers scripting, IVR, e-mail, knowledge base, call recording, quality assurance, payroll timesheet capture and reporting.

But most of all, ContactSuite offers your sales team a complete solution to increase productivity and sales volumes. ContactSuite has helped us to become the largest, outsourced outbound telephone sales provider in NZ. You can use the tools the professionals use for a low monthly fee per seat.

For more information about ContactSuite, please either Contact Us or check out the ContactSuite website.