What are your customer service challenges?

Telnet began providing outsourced contact centre services in 1995 and in the 24 years since then, we’ve provided exceptional, award-winning customer service on behalf of many well-known national and multi-national companies.  We put our success down to focussing on four key things; ensuring our team has the tools at their fingertips to quickly and accurately solve customer queries, making sure that our agents are always empathetic to customers’ needs, providing a technical environment that fully supports our team and has very high up-time, and consistently measuring our performance.

If you were to consider your own customer service successes or challenges, could you answer Yes to each of these questions?

  • – Are your customers’ calls answered in less than 20 seconds?
  • – Is the first person your customers speak to able to solve their problem first time?
  • – Do your agents have all the information they need easily available to them?
  • – Can you easily monitor customer satisfaction and measure agent performance in real-time?
  • – Do you deeply understand why your customers are contacting you?

These challenges lie at the heart of what makes for a good customer experience from a contact centre and meeting them is never easy.  Having the right people and processes in place is just part of the solution, with good technology completing the picture.  That’s why we developed our unique ContactSuite CRM application which is tailored specifically for contact centre operations.

Using ContactSuite CRM, our cross-trained teams of agents, and our honed processes, we can seamlessly and rapidly service customer contacts and scale for those busy times without any extra cost to our clients, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction, no matter which contact channel they use; phone, email, social media, webchat or even SMS.

At Telnet, all customer contacts go straight through to a friendly person who has all the information necessary to satisfy each customer’s needs.  An essential element to this is having all the right knowledge and tools at the agent’s fingertips. ContactSuite CRM’s Artificial Intelligence-powered knowledgebase allows our agents to use plain language to search for any answer, explanation or script they need.  This significantly reduces training effort and cost while delivering a great customer experience.

Just as our business has changed and evolved over the years, so has ContactSuite CRM, but what’s the point of evolving processes and programmes if we don’t measure the effects of doing so?  That’s why tracking our progress is so important to us. Using Net Promoter Score (NPSSM), a great global standard to measure customer satisfaction, and ContactSuite CRM’s real-time reporting, we can immediately see where we are doing well and what we may need to work on.  Using our Business Intelligence tools, we can use the information we get from interacting with your customers to unearth useful insights that can be used to optimise your customer service experience.

Telnet is about more than just great technology, skilled people and proven processes.  We care deeply about our clients’ businesses and brands as if they were our own.  By outsourcing to Telnet, you’ll not only expose your customers to great service experiences, access to our 23+ years of experience and our continuously improving technology, you’ll get insights to your customer base that you may not have had before.

If you’re facing challenges meeting your customers’ growing expectations for immediate gratification, get in touch  with us and let’s see how we can use our people, processes and technology to help you get ahead of your competitors.  Or, if you prefer running your own contact centre, you might like to consider using our ContactSuite CRM technology to help make your own centre more efficient and customer focussed.  You can learn more about ContactSuite CRM here (link to contactsuite.com).