Update the way you feel about change

In today’s ever-changing business world it is not those who are the strongest nor the smartest that survive, but those who are most adaptable to change. It has been said many times before that we are always looking for new ways to reach out to clients and customers, but at Telnet it’s not just the way we communicate that is evolving, it is also the way we think and feel about change.

Change is easy to theorise but actually getting people on board is the hard part. It’s human nature to get comfortable and resist change at all costs. As an agent, change to me meant only one thing – more work. Realising this, Telnet decided to alter their own personal communication strategy. They decided to meet in intimate groups with every single inbound agent on the floor to discuss process changes, the way agents feel about them and what could be done to ease the struggle. By simply making the time to take the agents off the phones and listen to them they completely changed the floor attitude from resistant to willing.

Now, for agents, change means discussion, assistance and progression. It is a challenge to be met rather than a problem to complain about. The world is always going to grow, expand and move forward whether agents want it to or not but it’s your attitude that will determine how hard a road you travel to get there.